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We are people just like you. We have worked hard and continue to work hard every day to build and deliver a great community platform that brings like-minded people together in a comfortable, interesting and fun environment. There is so much here that it's impossible to describe everything in a few words. Check us out. Explore and see for yourself what we are all about. You can also check out the list of Ezumee-branded groups by country.

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Ezumee Groups

Ezumee has free and premium+ groups with events that are organized by members and also by the Ezumee team. We have groups in 200+ cities across 40+ countries.

Find Your Community

Ezumee also hosts community and activity groups run by passionate organizers. There's something for everyone. Many groups are free, though some may charge a small subscription fee for membership.

Host a Group

Are you a group organizer looking for a platform to host your group? You've found the right place. We have many tools to make your group your own. Spend less time administering and spend more time doing the things your group does!

For Organizations

Are you an organization with many chapters, clubs, groups or branches? We have a white-label/privately-branded option to allow you to manage your organization and sub-entities on your own version of the platform. Learn More.

Privacy at the Core

Quite simply, we don't track you or sell your information. We don't like that creepy stuff.

We do utilize tools to collect anonymous usage information for analytics and troubleshooting, but this does not include any personally-identifiable information.

Free to Try

Whether you want to try a Premium+ group or start your own group, you can try it out right now for free. We don't ask for payment information while your trying things out.*

*For Group Owners, You can set up & try your group(s) free for 30 days. You aren't charged for your own group until you have at least 10 members and have successfully completed 1 event with more than 1 attendee.


Your group. Your rules.

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Custom Home Page

Lay out your group's home page the way that works for your group. You choose what's important to show and where to show it.

Create Inviting Events

Set up events easily. You can also use hmtl if you like. Include images and embedded videos in your event. Give precise location links with Google Maps.

Take Attendance

Easily track attendance, no shows and cancellations.

Advanced Reservations

More than just +1! Need to track # of children versus adults? Seniors? Dogs? No problem.

Advanced Privacy Controls

Private groups are completely private. Public groups can fine tune what the public sees on every event.

Collect Custom Fields

If you need specific information from your members (phone numbers, email, spouse name)... or specific details for an event (what are you bringing to the potluck? special diet?), we've got you covered!

Document Library

Got rules and regulations? Disclaimers? Detailed instructions? Create documents to convey this information to your members. Include documents on group home and event pages.

Collect Money

Seamlessly integrate with Stripe for payments. Collect membership dues and fees for individual events.


Visualize all your events and reminders on a group calendar. Members have a personal calendar to view their events across multiple groups.

Social Features

Member messaging on events. Private messaging. Group forums. Activity feed on home page.

Image Galleries

Easily share images from events. Each event gets its own gallery and members may upload photos to them.

Reward Participation

Unique "reputation" system to award badges as people participate. You control the levels and what you want to call the badges.

Advanced Features

We also have features you won't find on any other meeting up platform. For example:

Ezumeecom Video Chat

Ezumee or Discourse type Forums

Campfire Games

Sumato Presentations

Online Markets

File Sharing


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You can join any group listed as a free group... for free!

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