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If you are an organization that has many child entities (clubs, groups, chapters, etc.), our privately-branded platform is for you! Leverage the power of the Ezumee Groups platform with your URL, your logos, and your full administrative control!

For Clubs, Associations and Organizations

All of your chapters/groups on one unified platform

Member management

Event planning with social features

For Businesses

Intra-company social groups

Special interest groups

Event planning

Social outings and events

For Schools

Extra-curricular groups

Class management with social features

Event Planning

Educational Activities

For Religious Organizations

Plan study groups with social features

Congregation tracking with social features

Special event planning

Other Use Cases

City/Town Events and Groups

Nursing home events and social groups

Media events and planning

User Management

Full user administration and the ability to track custom fields.

Subscription Management

Define user subscriptions for your platform and/or for individual groups. Collect online payments.

Your Brand

Your logo in the header. Bring your own URL or use an Ezumee subdomain.

Custom Home

Ezumee can host your home page for an integrated experience, or use Ezumee only for your groups application.

Use our WYSIWYG editor for simple pages, or manage complete HTML, CSS & Javascript to make your static pages pop!

Authentication Options

Already have your own identity provider like Auth0 or Cognito? Your users can log in seamlessly with their existing credentials. You can also use an Ezumee-provided identity provider, or use simple user/password authentication. The choice is yours.

Your Labels

Our core platform uses words like "group", "event" and "host", but maybe those words aren't relevant to your use case. You can customize key labels to make your site seem more natural. Instead of "group", maybe you use "club", "chapter" or "class". Maybe "host" is "teacher" or "leader".

There's so much more!
We'd love to give you a private demo or answer your questions. Contact Us!

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