Membership Types

FREE - ALL Ezumee Premium Plus+ Memberships & Groups are FREE Now until December 31 2021

Ezumee Groups offers 3 membership models for groups:

FREE - These groups are free to you as an Ezumee member . Note that some group owners may have their own dues or fees that are paid directly to that group. Some free groups may also charge for individual events.

Premium - You pay a monthly or yearly fee to belong to each premium group. Additional group memberships are discounted. See our pricing page for details.

Premium Plus - You pay one low monthly or annual fee to belong to as many groups in the Ezumee family of groups as you like, unlimited. Premium groups outside the family are charged separately. See our pricing page for details.

Whichever plan you choose, you get your first thirty days free and we won't ask for a credit card until after your free-trial period is up.